J.W.Cowie Engineering Ltd.

Cowie Engineering was incorporated in January, 1972 and is owned by James W. Cowie, M. Eng., P. Eng. of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The firm specializes in the investigation and restoration of building structures including new and historic buildings. The investigation of design and construction failures frequently results in litigation requiring expert testimony throughout the litigation process including attendance at trial.


The scope of services provided by Cowie Engineering ranges from structural and/or building envelope investigative services to multi-discipline investigative consulting services, where the firm acts as Prime Consultant. Typically, following the investigative phase of the consulting services, Cowie Engineering acts as Prime Consultant in the preparation of multi-discipline design drawings and specifications, cost estimating, and preparing contract documents for tendering. During construction, Cowie Engineering administrates the Contract on behalf of the Owner and provides on-site inspection and testing services. If the Owner intends to litigate, Cowie Engineering documents the "as found" conditions and provides factual and opinion reports.

Cowie Engineering provides consulting services throughout the four Atlantic Provinces and Ontario. Services have been provided in the USA and Britain. In Britain, consulting engineering service was provided through J.W. Cowie Engineering (U.K.) Limited, a subsidiary company of Cowie Engineering, Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Cowie Engineering has investigated the failure of brick masonry walls on numerous buildings. Included in the failure investigation and restoration design services has been on-site testing and laboratory research.

On behalf of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Cowie Engineering conducted extensive research at the testing laboratories of the British Ceramic Research Institute, Stoke-On-Trent, England. The research pertained to the performance of the brick veneer/steel stud wall system subjected to static and dynamic lateral loading. The brick veneer/steel stud wall system used for testing was the Cowie Engineering restoration design used for the restoration of the exterior masonry walls of Alderney Manor, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Mr. Cowie specializes in the investigation and restoration of masonry structures and has lectured in Canada, U.S.A. and Britain. Mr. Cowie serves on the technical committees of CSA Standards; A371 "Masonry Construction for Buildings", A370 "Connectors for Masonry" and S304 "Masonry Design for Buildings". Mr. Cowie is a member of The Masonry Society (TMS) and past member of The Board of Directors of TMS.