The following is a listing of some of the projects in which J. W. Cowie Engineering Limited provided consulting engineering services. Projects identified by (INV) denote projects where Cowie Engineering services included site investigations, engineering analysis, design review, reporting and in some instances providing expert evidence during litigation. The engineering services provided by Cowie Engineering on all other projects included engineering investigation, reporting, restoration design and in many cases project management and in many cases when required, providing expert opinion during litigation on behalf of the Owner.

(a) Masonry Walls

  • Province House – Charlottetown, PEI
    Historic architectural and structural engineering investigation
    and temporary stabilization of exterior stone masonry walls.

  • American Consulate General's Building – Toronto, ON (INV)
    Stone masonry exterior walls at 360 University Avenue. 

  • Kays Bros. Building – Charlottetown, PEI (INV)
    Historic restoration at 48 Queen Street.

  • Commercial Building Complex on Barton Street – Stoney Creek, ON

  • Provincial Building on Hollis Street – Halifax, NS
    Sandstone masonry restoration.

  • Old Post Office on Prince Street – Truro, NS
    Historic restoration of masonry walls and slate shingled roof.

  • Civic Building on Prince Street – Truro, NS
    Investigation revealed major structural defects resulting in demolition of building.

  • Alderney Manor – Dartmouth, NS
    Twelve-storey senior citizens apartment building, which included extensive testing and research in U.K.

  • Scott Maritimes Limited,  Abercrombie, NS
    Included extensive on-site full size lateral load testing for exterior masonry walls for all buildings.

  • Northwood Manor – Halifax, NS
    Eleven storey seniors apartment building .

  • First Baptist Church on Oxford Street – Halifax, NS

  • Cumming Hall – Truro, NS
    Nova Scotia Agricultural College historic restoration.

  • Eight Storey Apartment Building on Frederick Avenue – Halifax, NS
  • Concrete Block Masonry Walls of New K-12 School – Port Saunders, NL (INV)
    Concrete Block Masonry Walls
  • District of the Municipality of Lunenburg Municipal Building – Bridgewater, NS
    Exterior Walls
  • Administration Building, Shubenacadie Wildlife Park – Shubenacadie, NS
    Strengthening Masonry Walls of the Administration Building.
  • Oxford Theatre on Quinpool Road – Halifax, NS
  • Zion Baptist Church – Yarmouth, NS (Preliminary INV)
  • Prince of Wales Martello Tower at Point Pleasant Park – Halifax, NS (INV)
    Collapse of stone masonry musket gallery.
  • Saint Philipe & Saint Jacques Parish Church – Edgemont Bay, PEI (INV)
  • Colchester YMCA on Prince Street – Truro, NS (INV)
  • Strait Richmond Hospital – Evanston, NS
  • Shed 22, Halifax Port Corporation – Halifax, NS
    Investigation of brick masonry exterior walls and replacement with precast concrete wall panels.
  • Convoy Place – Halifax, NS
    Three apartment buildings.
  • Forest Hills Towers – Fredericton, NB (INV)
    Apartment building.
  • LeMarchant Towers – Halifax, NS
    Apartment building.
  • R.C.M.P. "H" Division Headquarters Building – Halifax, NS (INV)
  • M.A.P.P. Building - Main Postal Station – St. John's, NL (INV)
  • Public Archives of Nova Scotia – Halifax, NS (INV)
  • Harbour Island Hotel – Tampa, Florida (IV)
  • Brentwood Towers – St. John's, NL (INV)
    Apartment building.
  • St. Mary's Basilica – Halifax, NS (INV)
    Granite stone steeple and building structure.
  • Oxford Court – Halifax NS (INV)
    Condominium apartment building.
  • Lions Senior Citizens Tower – Moncton, NB
    Apartment building.
  • Admiralty Place – Dartmouth, NS (INV)
    Condominium apartment building.
  • The MacMillan Building – Charlottetown, PEI
    Office building.
  • The Clinton Building – Halifax, NS (INV)
    Office building in downtown Halifax.
  • Sportsplex – Dartmouth, NS (INV)
  • Toronto Hydro Gerrard Street Distribution Station – Toronto, ON (INV)
  • Medical Arts Building – Toronto, ON
    On St. George Street at Bloor Street.
  • Twenty-Storey Condo Apartment Building – Scarborough, ON (INV)
  • Kenworth Acres Seniors Housing Complex – St. Catherine's, ON (INV)
  • Control Tower at Charlottetown Airport – Charlottetown, PEI (INV)
  • Saint Andrew's United Church – Halifax, NS
  • Office Building at 394 Bloor Street West - Toronto, ON (INV)
    Granite stone panels.
  • The Sherwood Apartment Building – Halifax, NS
  • North Sydney Shopping Mall – North Sydney, NS
  • St. Paul's L'Amoreaux Centre – Scarborough, ON (INV)
  • The Oaklands – Toronto, ON (INV)
    Apartment building on Avenue Road.
  • Renaissance 2 – Kitchener, ON
    Apartment building.
  • St. Matthew's United Church – Halifax, NS (INV)
  • St. David's Presbyterian Church – Halifax, NS (INV)
  • Airport Hotel - Halifax International Airport – Enfield, NS (INV)
  • Three-Storey Office Building at 2175 Queen Street East – Toronto, ON
  • Knightsridge Fire Station – Halifax, NS
  • Truro Mall – Truro, NS
  • Cape Breton Regional Hospital – Sydney, NS (INV)
  • Aberdeen Hospital – New Glasgow, NS (INV)
  • New Halifax Infirmary (QEII) – Halifax, NS (INV)
    Retained by various contractors & bonding companies.
  • Osgoode Hall – Toronto, ON (INV)
    Stone masonry walls and historic masonry chimneys.
  • Sheriff Hall at Dalhousie University – Halifax, NS
  • Queen's Gate – Bedford, NS (INV)
    4-Story, 24-Unit Condominium at 80 Waterfront Drive.
  • Basilica Cathedral of St. John The Baptist – St. John's, NL (INV)
  • Founders Hall – Charlottetown PEI (INV)
  • Queen Elizabeth High School – Halifax, NS
  • St. Patrick's High School – Halifax, NS
  • Fort Massey United Church – Halifax, NS (INV)
  • Russell Street Centre – Halifax, NS
    Client: Northwoodcare Inc.
  • Halifax Grammar School – Halifax, NS
    Atlantic Street campus.
  • Chui Residence at 23 Edgewood Grove – Toronto, ON
    Client: City of Toronto Legal Department.
  • Ingles Residence at 123 MacPherson Avenue – Toronto, ON
    Client: City of Toronto Legal Department (Precedent Case).
  • Mariam Hall - Charlotteown, PEI (INV for General Contractor)
    University of Prince Edward Island School of Business Administration.
  • Vehicle Wash and Storage Facility – Cheticamp, NS (INV for General Contractor)
  • Bedford Institute of Oceanography – Dartmouth, NS
    Six story office building.
  • Welsford - Parker Monument Restoration – St. Paul's Cemetery – Halifax, NS


(b) Masonry Chimneys & Fireplaces

More than 500 investigations have been conducted on Masonry Chimneys and Fireplaces related to damage claims for Insurance Companies. The damage claims have been related to flue fires, lightening, windstorm, vibration (construction, blasting and compaction equipment) and settlement. In some cases the improper construction of the chimneys and fireplaces has resulted in substantial fire damage to houses. The chimney and fireplace investigations have been conducted throughout Atlantic Canada and Ontario. Many of the investigations involved litigation. Engineering investigations of chimneys have been conducted for clients other than insurance companies, including:

  • Twenty Historic Masonry Chimneys at Osgoode Hall on Queen St. West – Toronto, ON (INV)
    Client: Taylor Hazell Architects Limited.
  • 60-ft. High Radial Brick Masonry Chimney, Atlantic School of Theology – Halifax, NS
    Replacement with two insulated stainless steel chimneys supported by a steel pipe tower on a reinforced concrete base.
    Client: Atlantic School of Theology, Halifax NS.
  • 200-ft. High Radial Brick Masonry Chimney at Nova Scotia Hospital – Dartmouth, NS (INV)
    Client: Public Works Nova Scotia. (INV)
  • 200 ft. high radial brick masonry chimney at Victoria General Hospital – Halifax, NS (INV)
    Client: CBCL Limited/Capital Health, Halifax NS.


(c) Steel & Reinforced Concrete Structures

  • Seton Academic Centre, Mount Saint Vincent University – Halifax, NS
    Jacking up and supporting the ring beam of the roof over the central auditorium.

  • Sears Roof Collapse at Village Shopping Centre – St. John's, NL (INV)

  • McGregor Bedding Manufacturing Plant and Warehouse – New Glasgow, NS (INV)

  • Roof Collapse at Associated Freezers in Burnside Industrial Park – Dartmouth, NS (INV)

  • Elizabeth Towers – St. Johns, NL
    Removal of deteriorated precast concrete wall panels, and replacement with unique brick masonry veneer wall system, in First Floor Commercial and Seven Floors Apartments.

  • Collapse of Aircraft Hanger at Halifax International Airport – Halifax, NS (INV)

  • K-Mart Plaza Shopping Centre on Torbay Road – St. John's, NL (INV)

  • Partial Collapse of Wood Motors Ford Building – Halifax, NS (INV)

  • Captain William Spry Community Centre – Halifax, NS

  • Northwood Manor – Halifax, NS
    FRP Strengthening 10th & 11th RC Floor Slabs.

  • Investigation of Installation Failure of Fiber Cement Lap Siding and Defective Window Installation – Large Nursing Home, Cape Breton, NS (INV)
  • Investigation and Alternative Restoration Designs to Resolve Excessive Snow Loading on Shops Roof – Jazz Aircraft Hangar, Halifax Stanfield International Airport, NS (INV)
  • Structural Evaluation of Existing Roof Framing of Bell Aliant Harbour Central Office Building – Dartmouth, NS (INV)
  • Reinforced Concrete Swimming Pool at Embassy Towers – Halifax, NS (INV)
  • Elevated Parking Structure, Town of Yarmouth – Yarmouth, NS (INV)
  • Digby Turbine Farm – Digby, NS
    Reinforced concrete tower base 13 for wind turbine.
  • Ligni Bel Limited – Scotsburn, NS (INV)
    Fire damage to structural steel framing of boiler plant.
  • North Side Sports and Leisure Complex (Willie O-Ree Centre) – Fredericton, NB
    Insulated exterior wall panels.
  • Structural Engineering Assessment of Proposed Restoration of Deteriorated Concrete Foundation Walls of Houses – Hawkesbury Area, Ontario (INV)
    Client: LaFarge Canada Inc.
  • Esso Avitat Aircraft Hangar, 6120 Midfield Rd., Lester B. Pearson International Airport – Mississauga, ON (INV)
  • CREIT Archives Building – Dartmouth, NS (INV)
    Collapse of open web steel roof joists during erection of structural steel framing.
  • Captain Joe's Lobster Storage Pound – Hubbards, NS (INV)
  • Collapsed "Tilt-Up" Wall Panel, Halifax North Mainland High School – Halifax, NS (INV)
  • Seasons Motor Inn – Dartmouth, NS
  • Roof Collapse at Mitchell's Enviro Centre on Gottingen Street – Halifax, NS
  • Roof Collapse at Stora Enso – Port Hawkesbury, NS (INV)
  • Shubenacadie District Elementary School – Shubenacadie, NS
  • Partial Roof Collapse at South Shore Shopping Centre – Bridgewater, NS (INV)
  • Edmundston Forum – Edmundston, NB
  • Colchester Regional Vocational School – Truro, NS
  • C.F.B Goosebay – Numerous Buildings – Goose Bay, LAB (INV)
  • Yarmouth Regional Hospital – Yarmouth, NS (INV)
  • Prestressed Concrete Water Storage Tank – Bridgewater, NS (INV)
  • Ten Industrial Buildings in Burnside Industrial Park – Dartmouth, NS
  • Numerous Insitu & Precast Concrete Storage Silos – throughout NS and PEI (INV)
  • Clarenville High School – Clarenville, NL (INV)
  • Damaged and Collapsed Steel and Concrete Highway Bridges – Province of NS (INV)
  • Dairy owned by Baxter Foods Limited – Dartmouth, NS
  • Numerous Canopies for Gas Stations – Various Oil Companies (INV)
  • Dolphin Collapse – Canso, NS (INV)
  • Jetty NN for Canadian Forces Amunition Depot – Bedford, NS (INV)
  • Industrial Building at 30 Intermodal Drive – Brampton, ON
    Collapse from explosion.
  • Pioneer Fisheries – Tignish, PEI
    Collapse & restoration of lobster storage system.
  • F.S. Industries/Piercys Supplies – Dartmouth, NS
    Collapse & restoration of roof.
  • Parking Garage, Convoy Place – Halifax, NS
  • Kensington Court in Clayton Park – Halifax, NS
    Client: Halifax County Condominium Corp. No. 1
  • New Breakwater/Wharf at Mill Cove – Bedford, NS
    Refloating sunken caisson.
  • Ocean Terminals, Halifax Port Corporation – Halifax, NS
    Reinforced concrete firewall replacing failed concrete block masonry firewall separating Sheds 22 and 23.
  • Atlantic School of Theology – Halifax, NS
    Residence building, ground floor settlement.
  • Barrington Tower, Scotia Square – Halifax, NS (INV)
  • North Branch Library on Gottingen Street – Halifax, NS
    Restored main entrance walkway.
  • West Curtain Wall – Halifax Citadel National Park Artillery Museum – Halifax, NS
  • Reinforced Concrete Ground Floor Parking Garage, Windsor Fire Station – Windsor, NS
  • Restoration of Colby Village Community Swimming Pool, Colby Village – Dartmouth, NS


(d) Timber Structures

  • Collapse of Three-Storey Apartment Building in Highfield Park – Dartmouth, NS (INV)

  • Collapse of Five-Storey Apartment Building in Highfield Park – Dartmouth, NS (INV)

  • Truro Civic Building – Truro, NS (INV)
    Laminated timber roof trusses.

  • Investigation and Restoration Design of 96 Unit Seniors' Apartment Building Complex – Bridgewater, NS
  • YEO Ship Building Museum – Green Park, Port Hill, PEI (INV)
    Structural Engineering Assessment and proposed Temporary Stabilization of Historic Barn.
  • Investigation of installation Failure of Fiber Cement Lap Siding of a Large 4 Storey Apartment Building – Elmsdale, NS (INV)
  • Nova Scotia Islamic Community Centre – Halifax, NS
    Structural restoration and modifications to Kearney Lake Road property.
  • Ottawa House (Historic) – Parrsboro, NS (INV)
  • Evergreen Condominium Corporation – Dartmouth, NS (INV)
    (HCCC#278) Evergreen Village Lane
  • Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax, NS (INV)
    2nd & 3rd floor deflections and foundation settlement.
  • Maritime Museum of the Atlantic Wharves – Halifax, NS (INV)
  • CFB Halifax Admiralty House, Stadacona –  Halifax, NS
    Investigation of roof, 3rd & 2nd floor, strengthening of second floor.
  • Large Historic House Converted to Bed & Breakfas – Lawrencetown, NS
    Restoration of severe wind damage.
  • Collapse of Timber Framed Wharf – Yarmouth, NS (INV)
  • Bridgewater Memorial Arena – Bridgewater, NS
  • deGarthe Buildings on Peggy's Point Road – Peggy's Cove, NS (INV)
  • Uniacke Estate – Mount Uniacke, NS (INV)
    House, barn, coach house and ice house.
  • Fire Damaged Building on George Street – Pictou, NS
    Investigation and restoration design for owner's insurance co.
  • Twenty-Three Unit Apartment Building at 2444 Barrington Street – Halifax, NS (INV)
  • Green Lantern Building – Halifax, NS
  • Wallis Heights – Dartmouth, NS (INV)
    Various multi-unit residence buildings.
  • Bonny Lea Farm (school) – Chester, NS
  • Centennial School – Port Hawkesbury, NS
  • Core Storage Buildings – Stellarton, NS
  • Library/Administration Building at the Atlantic School of Theology – Halifax, NS
  • C.F.B. Greenwood Officers' Mess - Greenwood, NS
  • Rockingham United Church – Halifax, NS
  • C.F.B. Cornwallis – Granville Ferry, NS (INV)
    Failure of new floating dock.
  • Fisheries Products International – Riverport, NS
    Restoration of timber roof trusses.
  • Mic Mac Amateur Aquatic Club – Dartmouth, NS
    Collapse and restoration of roof.
  • Barns and Horse Riding Arenas – Halifax, NS (INV)
    Numerous one/two storey timber-framed structures collapsed during construction due to inadequate lateral bracing. 
  • ACTWU Office Building on Quinpool Road – Halifax, NS
  • Structure and Building Envelopes of Numerous Houses – ON, NB, NL and NS
    Including the failure and collapse of timber decks.


In addition to engineering investigation and restoration design services, Cowie Engineeringprovides structural engineering design and inspection services for new structures such as schools, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, high-rise and low-rise residential structures, institutional buildings and offshore structures. Structural engineering design services have also been provided to the Precast Concrete Industry. The following are some of the projects:

(a) Off-Shore Drill Riggs

1. Rowan Gorilla II

  • Revise connections for flare boom tension cables.
  • Strengthen platform for well logging unit.
  • Structural design of service platform for mechanical ventilation equipment serving Shaker House including guards, ladders and floor grating projecting beyond side of drill rig.

2. A Galaxy II Drill Rig

  • Structural support for waste mixing box and hose flush unit.

(b) Schools

  • Strait Area Education Centre – Port Hawkesbury, NS
  • MacLellan Junior High School – Cape Breton County, NS
  • Mira Road Elementary School – Cape Breton County, NS
  • Municipal Junior High School, District of Yarmouth – Yarmouth, NS
  • High School for the Municipality of District of Lunenburg County – Lunenburg County, NS
  • Bridgewater Elementary School – Bridgewater, NS
  • Central Kings High School – Kings County, NS
  • Wagmatcook School – Victoria County, Cape Breton, NS
    & many more.


(c) Commercial, Industrial & Residential

  • 300 Union Place – Saint John, NB
    Twelve-storey Head Office Building and S.M.T. Bus Terminal, for Irving Oil Ltd.

  • Northwood Manor – Halifax, NS
    Structural steel framing for new curtain walls

  • New Elevator Additions to Seniors' Residential Facilities at:
    • Nova Apartments – Tusket, NS
    • Coleraine Plaza – Pictou, NS
    • Richmond Manor – Halifax, NS
  • Provincial Sign Shop Warehouse Addition – Bible Hill, NS
  • Pedestrian Bridge and New Entrance for Northwood Manor – Halifax, NS
  • Townsend Place Developments Office Building – Dartmouth, NS
  • Office Building on Garrison Place – Halifax, NS
  • Spryfield Shopping Centre – Halifax, NS
  • I.M.P. Aerocentre at Halifax International Airport – Halifax, NS
  • Motel for F. Thibeau Enterprises – Yarmouth, NS
  • Lunenburg County School Bus Garage – Bridgewater, NS
  • Twelve-Storey Seniors Apartment Building on South Street – Halifax, NS
  • Eleven-Storey Apartment Building on Queens Street – Halifax, NS
  • Support Structure for Twin 15-Feet Diameter Satellite Antennae – Dartmouth, NS
  • Teleglobe Earth Station – Mill Village, NS
    Concrete structure for the support of a 30 metre diameter rotating satellite dish antenna.
  • Noika Siemers Networks – Toronto, ON
    Antenna towers on top of high rise buildings for wireless communications
  • Permanent Camp Facility – Hope Brook Gold Mine – Hope Brook, NL
  • Extension to Fabrication Facilities, M & M Manufacturing Ltd. Partnership – Dartmouth, NS
  • Aero Centre Extension, Phase II at Halifax International Airport – Halifax, NS
  • Goldboro Building – Goldboro, NS
    Foundation/Floor slab for Murox
  • Mezzanine Railing Alterations, Building S100, STADACONA, C.F.B. – Halifax, NS


(d) Institutional

  • Rosedale Home For Special Care – New Germany, NS
  • Extension to Marine Drive Pentecostal Church – Head of Jeddore, NS
  • Atlantic School of Theology's New Library Building – Halifax, NS
  • Municipal Building – Kentville, NS
  • Musquodoboit Valley Hospital – Halifax County, NS
  • Cape Breton Regional Jail – Sydney, NS
  • Eastern Memorial Hospital – Canso, NS
  • Cape Breton Highlands National Park Visitors' Centre – Cape Breton, NS
  • NS Technical College – Halifax, NS
  • "D" Building additions and renovations.
  • Mount Saint Vincent University Sports Complex – Halifax, NS
  • Baptist Headquarters Building – Saint John, NB
  • R.C.M.P. Detachment Buildings – Stellarton and Lunenburg, NS
  • Flight 111 Memorial Monument – Bayswater Beach, NS
  • Athletic Centre at Nova Scotia Agricultural College – Bible Hill, NS
  • Artillery Museum at Halifax Citadel National Historic Park – Halifax, NS
  • Track & Field Light Pole Foundations at St. Mary's University – Halifax, NS
  • Dalhousie University – Halifax, NS
    Demolition of six storey "Coburg Tower" and Church Hall at Coburg Road.
  • Nova Scotia Hospital – Dartmouth, NS
    Demolition of seven storey "Simpson Hall".
  • Osborne Head Gunnery Range – Cow Bay, NS
    Renovation and expansion to Building 301.
  • Numerous bank buildings (Scotiabank, BMO, Royal & CIBC)


(e) Pre-Cast Concrete Design for Fabricators & Contractors

  • Finished Product Loading Wharf – Sydney, NS
  • Acadia University Arts Centre – Wolfville, NS
  • Athletic Centre - NS Agricultural College – Truro, NS
  • Expansion of Halifax International Airport – Halifax, NS
  • Expansion of Alexander Graham Bell Museum – Baddeck, NS
  • Kings Place Development – Fredericton, NB
  • Garrison Place – Halifax, NS
  • Young Street Tower – Halifax, NS
  • Twelve-Storey Seniors Apartment Building – Sydney, NS
  • Acadia University Student Residence – Wolfville, NS
  • Malcolm Monroe Junior High School – Sydney, NS
  • North Side School – Sydney Mines, NS
  • Bras D'or Junior High School – Bras D'or, NS
  • Adult Vocational Training Centre – Sydney, NS
  • Expansion to Halifax Shopping Centre – Halifax, NS
  • Expansion to Dartmouth Shopping Centre – Dartmouth, NS
  • Bedford Institute of Oceanography Common Use Building – Dartmouth, NS
  • Delta Halifax at Scotia Square – Barrington Street, Halifax, NS.


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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

22 Carleton Court
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(902) 422 4493